Patrimoine et Chutes de Plaisance (Plaisance Heritage and Falls) is the commercial name used

by Corporation North Nation Mills Inc. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting heritage, culture and recreation. We celebrated 25th anniversary in 2015.


Plaisance Heritage Interpretation Centre. We own and manage this centre located in Plaisance’s former rectory, a more than century-old heritage building which we have expanded and entirely renovated. It showcases our permanent multimedia and interactive exhibition called parCOURS dEau — Récits des vallées de la Petite-Nation et de la Lièvre. The venue also presents temporary exhibits and various activities.


Plaisance Falls. We manage the site displaying the most impressive natural falls in the area with a drop of 63 metres. This recreational tourist site offers a historical building recalling the past glory of the first industrial village in the area (North Nation Mills), now disappeared, a walking trail from the top to the bottom of the falls, a lookout, rest areas and picnic tables. The caretaker of the historical building, who also happens to be a good storyteller and interpreter of the history of the old village is your host. This enchanting site is ideal for meetings and special events (weddings, photo sessions...) when booked ahead.

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Claire Leblanc has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of culture and built heritage. Her studies in notarial Law led to a management career in the Department of Justice. Awards: Prix Patrimoine Québec Ministry of Culture and Vommunications—Culturiades 2005; Prix Mérite – Volet Communauté 2009 by the Association québécoise des interprètes du patrimoine (AQUIP); the 2013 Medal of Acknowledgement of Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogie. Through her dedication and perseverance, Claire has managed to have many elements of our heritage recognized and preserved.



Trained as an electrician, Daniel Cloutier worked for 14 years mostly as a union representative for electricians in the Outaouais. Afterwards, he became provincial manager in Montréal for 10 years. He served on several Boards of Directors including Emploi Québec, Le Chantier in Laval, the Fonds de Solidarité Outaouais. He has acted as a referee at the Employment Insurance Board of referees. He is now retired.



Amandine Laville is a lover of history and archaeology. Among other things, she obtained a Masters in archaeology in 2005.When she moved to the region in 2010, she naturally became involved in Heritage preservation. She has been a member of Patrimoine et Chutes de Plaisance’s board of directors since 2011.



Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by history. In third grade, I read every line of an eight-volume encyclopedia on the history and geography of the world. In high school I managed a perfect score on the departmental exam and received a letter of congratulation from the Minister of Education. In the early 1990s I was a history commentator for a sports show. My house is full of antiques, many of which are part of our family heritage. I’m an agronomist and a farmer. Even the offices in my poultry house look like an agricultural Museum. I am a proud member of Patrimoine et Chutes de Plaisance’s board of directors



With a degree in communications and andragogy, she works in community development with organizations advocating the rights of Francophones in minority settings. For many years, she handled communications for a coalition of organizations involved in international development. She went on to a career in communications and marketing in the federal government. Since 2013, Denise devotes her time to pottery in her shop in Lochaber. She is also active in social and cultural organizations in her community.




Pierre Bernier benefits from 40 years of experience in cultural organization and communication management in the Outaouais. His service record on the cultural scene has garnered him recognition and awards of excellence at the Gala des Culturiades. He served as mayor of the municipality of Montpellier, communications advisor in the Office of the Chief of the Opposition as well as in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada. For 10 years he headed Écrits des Hautes-Terres,

a publishing house.



Luc Fortier is all at once guide, interpreter and collections manager for the organization. Considering he has carried out these functions full-time, but on a seasonal basis, since 2004 he has supervised tens of summer students. Over the course of his career, he has acquired two years of experience in building maintenance; 15 years of experience as a bicycle mechanic: 10 years as a cabinetmaker; and 18 years as an ambulance technician. He was also a first aid and CPR instructor for the St. John’s Ambulance in Gatineau.



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The Department of Canadian Heritage subsidized the English translation of this website and the documents herein.

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