History of the Stanley Cup


With a regional component June 10 to September 17, 2017

Opening in the presence of Senior patron Guy Lafleur

Sunday, June 11, at 1 :00 p.m.


Relive the playoff fever


Relive the playoff fever through the years and catch the most contagious disease in Quebec: hockey madness!


Thanks to this exhibition, see how the cup evolved, its history, that of Lord Stanley and the official rules leading to one’s name being engraved on this icon, coveted by

National Hockey League players.


A true homage to this symbol of courage and excellence, the ultimate reward for the victorious team in the battle of the playoffs after a long season!


Who is Lord Stanley?


Discover the cup’s origins and the person who gave its name to the trophy.


Hockey’s Stars


Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau and other hockey legends marked hockey’s history. Come and remember their achievements!


Headed for the Cup!


During the playoffs, players and fans observe customs and traditions such as the playoff beard. What gave rise to these practices?


Hockey: a social phenomenon


How hockey and the Montreal Canadians occupy our everyday lives.



The famous Guy Lafleur at the inauguration

0f the exhibition on June  11.

Regional component


La Petite-Nation claims three players with a total of eight wins over a century

Photos : Club de hockey Canadien inc.

Louis Berlinguette

Guy Lafleur

Stéphane Richer

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Société de développement culturel de Terrebonne –

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Regional Component :  Patrimoine et Chutes de Plaisance

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Clinique médicale


Marc La Barre MD


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