Visit the amazing permanent, multimedia and interactive exhibition parCOURS d’eau—Récits des vallées de la Petite-Nation et de la Lièvre and relive the geological adventure involved in the Aboriginal people’s settlement over thousands of years as well as the development resulting from colonization of the Petite-Nation and Lower Lièvre valleys.


Nearly one hundred video clips, interpretive panels, photos, artefacts and ancient and contemporary objects await you.


Let the veteran log driver, the old water-powered sawmill operator, the Chief of the First Nation, the ferry operator, the elder who remembers, the biologist, the archeologist, the historian, the guide, the entrepreneur who harvests and recycles logs from lake bottoms and many others tell the tale of our region.


Join in a celebration of our region’s heritage and its wondrous rivers. Discover the nature of daily life, now and in the past.


A story of time, open spaces, hard work, courage, resourcefulness, and pride!





Local People

Fauna and flora


Human activity and the power of nature


Means of transport

Recreation and leisure




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